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What Inspired "A World Made New?"

"Do you ever wonder where the nice women are?"  Alessandro's question to his good friend Jason drove the story.  Alessandro is a world famous soundtrack composer with the reputation of a gazetta rake.  We seldom think of men in those terms in these days of a more relaxed social setting.  The fact remains, Sandro is a playboy...but is he...or is it a mask he wears?  Well, he wears it very well, but deep down he yearns for a woman who isn't drawn to his reputation or success.

Natural talent has always held an appeal for me and that appeal forms the basis for Sandro's career as a successful, internationally-acclaimed composer of movie soundtracks.  The catch?  Sandro's musical talents are instinctive not learned.  His teachers at the conservatory in Florence had to trick him to confirm he could not read music.  Yet, his work is brilliant and  his reputation outrageous.  Along comes a nice who wears a mask of her own...who is the direct opposite.

Masquerade is part of our society and the dating ritual.  We seldom wear our true faces when we first meet someone new.  So, the third book in The Venetian Masquerades works on the premise of two people with opposite backgrounds, secrets to hide, and a strong physical attraction who meet under unusual circumstances.  What happens?  Read the book and find out where the nice women are!
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4 Comments to What Inspired "A World Made New?":

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Susan Bernhardt on Sunday, July 12, 2015 2:33 PM
Interesting... deep down he yearns for a woman who isn't drawn to his reputation or success. And...Masquerade is part of our society and the dating ritual. We seldom wear our true faces when we first meet someone new. Interesting post, Robbi.
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Anonymous on Sunday, July 12, 2015 3:02 PM
Thanks for your comment, Susan. I hope the blog post made you think and sparked an interest in the book.

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