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Stories That Sweep You Away

The Inspiration for Stories That Sweep You Away

In any gathering of people when the subject of my writing profession arises, someone always asks, "where do you get your ideas?"  The short answer is, "I wake up with them."  While admittedly, that's a flip remark, it is true for some of my stories.  My dreaming mind processes my personal experiences and sorts them into scenarios that form the basis for story plots.  Some are plausible and worth developing...when I can remember them...while others, such as polka-dotted giraffes, may not be worth the paper they aren't printed on!  In the case of the former, the old Italian proverb, "A well lived runs backwards" is the best explanation I can give for some of my inspirations.

Authors tend to write what they know and in that respect, I'm no different.  I have lived a very interesting life, and while I would never bore anyone with an autobiography, the experiences I've enjoyed over the years provide grist for my fiction mill.  For example, if my characters go to Rome for some reason connected with the plot, and take time to go sightseeing in the ancient ruins...well, guess what?  Yes, you're reading about an experience I enjoyed on one of my own trips and it's special for me on two levels.  The first is the enjoyment of sharing an experience with those who are important to me.  Of course, the second is the pleasure I get by reliving a experience that enriched my own life.

So, the next time you pick up one of my stories, you'll be able to guess the source of my inspiration...maybe.  Of course, there are always those polka dots, and who knows.  They may one day appear in a story.

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon pursuits!  Next week, I'll share with you some of the inspiration behind some of my individual stories.  Stay tuned.

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Susan Bernhardt on Sunday, June 07, 2015 3:56 PM
I've never dreamed about ideas for books, but often I have gone to bed thinking about a problem in my story and when I wake up, I often have a solution. My husband has vivid dreams. He'll wake if I'm reading in bed and tell me about them. I almost never can remember mine. I've already written his dreams down thinking they'd make a great book premise, but I'm not as lucky as you, Robbi. Great blog, Robbi! Thank you. Best wishes!
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