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The "Once a Soldier" preview continues - Installment #3

         Good Sunday afternoon to you all from sunny Florida.  Our preview of Marco's story continues as Ay'ana Levy, his sister's best friend, represents the family and waits for word on Marco's condition.
* * * *
           Ay’ana alternated between sitting and pacing as she waited for word.  She remembered the last time she’d seen Marco.  The occasion had been the baptism of the Leoni twins three years ago.  Pride and love had suffused his rugged features and the brilliant green eyes that highlighted six feet two inches of hard, masculinity.  His face, burned by the harsh desert sun to the color of dark, aged oak, glowed with health and vitality.  They’d managed with difficulty to restrain their mutual antipathy during the christening celebration for Michael and Angelina.  Since then, Guiliana mentioned him on occasion, and she knew he’d later sustained a minor injury in a combat-related incident, but she hadn’t seen him since the ceremony in Italy three years ago.
            At midnight, the sound of someone entering the room impinged on Ay’ana’s consciousness and she looked up to see a surgeon still dressed in blood stained scrubs standing before her. 
            “Ms. Levy?  I understand you’re the family representative.”
            “Yes, Doctor, I am.  How is Colonel Domenico?”
            “He came through the surgery okay and is now in the recovery room.  Once we know he’s stable, he’ll be in the CCU unit, and you’ll be able to see him, but only for a short time.  We’re keeping him in a drug-induced coma for a couple of days to manage the pain—he won’t know you’re there.  You might consider going home to rest now and returning tomorrow.”
            “Yes, but how serious are his injuries?  No one has told us anything.”  Ay’ana had difficulty asking the question.  The hammering of her heart against her lungs robbed her of breath and made it difficult to speak.
            The doctor gave her a thoughtful look as if wondering how much he should say.  “We’ve put him back together.  He bruised his back—it suffered a hard hit in the crash, well, we’ll just have to wait and see.  In addition to a broken left leg and the hairline crack in the right ankle, he has a high femoral neck fracture with displacement.  I did an internal fixation using a compression screw, a plate with screws, and a Knowles pin.  The screw placed above and at a slight angle to the compression screw will resist shear force on the bone.  He’ll need another surgery to remove the hardware in a couple of years, but that’s too far down the road at this point to present any concerns.  I realize this probably doesn’t mean—”
            “Are you saying he might be paralyzed?”  Aghast, Ay’ana stared at the surgeon. (To be continued...)
* * * *
Download the story now from Amazon and support the Wounded Warrior Project:

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