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Bonus Installment - Preview of My Heart Still Surrenders

Sunday here in Poinciana is bright and sunny.  The weatherman predicts a high of 80 degrees.  I hope he's correct.  If I wanted cold, I'd have stay up north--and those of you who are 'up north,' I extend my deepest sympathies and warm thoughts.  I know those melt the snow, but I am thinking of you!

At a request from one of my blog followers, I'm giving you all a bonus installment from my historical romance this week.  Enjoy!
* * * *
“You wished to see me, Papà?”  Carolina greeted her father as she entered his study.  She dipped into a respectful curtsey, but didn’t drop her eyes from his face.
Si,figlia mia, I have a matter to discuss with you.”  He narrowed his eyes and watched her.  She lowered her head so the excitement that flared at his words wouldn’t show in her dark brown eyes before she subdued her emotions. 

Her heartbeat sped up and her mind raced.  Carlo must have approached him with an offer for her hand, although in the circumstances, the possibility seemed unlikely.  But, who else had paid her court in these days when every noble house in Rome had taken sides against the other…and what else would her father wish to speak to her concerning.  He’d never talk with her or solicit her opinion about anything of importance.  Consulting her about her marriage prospects was unusual enough.  His next words dashed her hopes.

“We have a guest from Florence.  The Cavaliere Ereditario Stefano Marquesa has arrived from Florence with an invitation from the King.  Since it affects your future, I wished to tell you about it before you meet the Cavaliere at dinner.”

“I don’t believe I’m acquainted with—”  

His sharp, arrogant voice interrupted her.  “No, of course you aren’t, and his family is so far beneath our own in birth and social standing, it isn’t one with which we would associate in normal circumstances.  The King has requested my presence in Florence as an advisor to his finance minister.  I intend to accept the commission and I’ve taken the opportunity to advance your position at the same time.”

“Advance my position in what way?”
* * * *
"My Heart Still Surrenders is available in electronic download and print formats from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers.

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