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Last installment of "A Love Like No Other" preview.

Sad but true, all things have a defined life cycle, and the preview of "A Love Like No Other" is no exception.  However, for those of you who want to continue the story, the book is still specially priced through Monday.  I've posted this week's blog a little early to give you all time to do some shopping.  Here is the purchase link for Amazon:

and you may also purchase it from or other online retailers.  I hope you enjoy the rest of the preview.
* * * *
“We do need to talk about Mom though.  The team I command had a mission that I couldn’t miss.  I tried, but I couldn't find a way to get home before she died, and then it no longer mattered when I arrived.  I’ll head down to Florida this next week to visit her grave.”

Guiliana sighed, “I know, Marco, and it’s okay.  We found the best situation we could for her.  The assisted living staff took good care of her and Celia visited often, even though Mom rarely remembered her, or called her by her own sister’s name.  Mom didn’t suffer any physical trauma.  She just went to sleep one night and forgot to wake up.  She wouldn’t have known you if you’d come home before she died.” 

The brother and sister remained quiet, thinking about their mother who’d suffered from Alzheimer’s for several years.  A good portion of their combined incomes supported the care she’d received.  Those expenses still unpaid made Guiliana’s current jobless situation more precarious.

“By the way, where’s this interview that you’re supposed to hear about on Monday?”  Marco attempted to lighten their mood.

“Didn’t give me a name, only described it as a new agency.  I don’t know anything about it, have no idea where it’s located, or the name of the interim Director.”

“New agency…interim Director…I wonder if it’s the new International Antiterrorism Agency.  If so, wow, that’d put you into the big leagues, and I’ve met the Director.  His name is Giacomo Carlo Leoni or Jake, as his close friends and associates call him.”

“How do you know him, and what do you know about him?”

Marco chose his words with care. 

“The Army seconded me as…an observer to the Italians for the operation that captured the six terrorists who planned to disrupt the G8 summit last year.  I met Dr. Leoni who directed the overall operation during the preliminary planning stages.”  He reached over to refill their wine glasses.  “As to what I know about him—he’s thirty-six years old, single, and the son of His Excellency Carlo Rodrigo Leoni, the Duca di Raffiano, and an American mother, now deceased.  Her father still lives in Potomac and is a former Ambassador to the Holy See. 

“The Leoni family belongs to the Black Nobility, those families who remained loyal to the Papacy during Italy’s Reunification in 1871.  The present Duke is very much a nobleman, if you know what I mean.  He lives in a sixteenth century Renaissance villa outside Venice.  Jake’s in disfavor because his father wants him to stay home in Italy, marry, and raise lots of little future dukes.”  Marco paused to help himself to more dessert.  “Instead, he’s followed his American grandfather’s example of service.

“The Italian government awarded him its highest honor, the Commendatore dell'Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana, for his role in the capture and conviction of the terrorist group.  The Italian foreign minister said Jake’s efforts and leadership made the operation of exceptional importance because it stopped the reorganization of armed violence in Italy.  This became even more apparent during the trial when the leader of the terrorist cell declared common cause with al-Qaeda.  “G, if I’m right, this job has the potential to make your career.”

Guiliana let out an unladylike snort.  “Oh yeah, and we’ve based our opinion of a major career opportunity on the say-so of some whacko named Michael who thinks he’s some sort of a messenger from God or something.  Give me a break.”

“You didn’t tell me his name.  Michael as in Archangel?  Could be true, kiddo, stranger things have happened.”

“Please tell me you’re kidding.  Do you believe that such a-a whatever, paid me a visit, or that he even really exists?”

“I’m a soldier, G, and I believe in a lot of things for which there isn’t a rational explanation.  Besides, did you know fifty-six percent of people surveyed believe in angels versus only thirty-three percent who believe in global warming?  Yeah, I believe this spirit or whatever he is exists and have no reason to think that he wouldn’t keep an eye out for you.  You deserve a break for a change.  I think I’ll stick around through Monday and see what develops.”  He hesitated and studied her for a moment.  “If it happens, it’ll be a major life change for you, Sis, and a good one I think.  Let’s see what next week brings.”
(For the rest of Guiliana's story, download the book from Amazon or other online retailers.)
* * * *
Next week, I'll post a special short piece of fiction for your enjoyment.  Later in December, we'll preview the first story in The Venetian Masquerades.  MuseItUp Publishing will offer a three book boxed set in January with special pricing.  Stay tuned for details!

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