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Second installment from "A Love Like No Other"

Late this Sunday, but I didn't forget despite what you all might thing!  Here's the second installment from "A Love Like No Other."  Enjoy!

“I’m here to talk to you about a new job.”  His velvet-edged voice, now calm and soothing, sounded as though it contained the wisdom of centuries long in the past. 

“Oh, the agency must’ve…” Guiliana’s voice faded as he shook his head.

“No, I’m not with the agency, but I am a messenger.  Call me Michael, and please listen for a minute.”  He pushed his wine glass out of the way and reached over to lay a well-shaped hand over hers.  She felt his calloused palm, an incongruity in his otherwise impeccable, well-groomed appearance.  Calm settled over her at his touch. 

“You’ll receive a call on Monday for an interview as a Chief Administrative Officer for the interim Director of a new agency.  You’re more than qualified for the job.  I urge you to accept the position when he makes the offer, as he will, even though your initial reaction might be the reverse.”

“Michael, I’m in no position to turn down any offer.  When Congressman Rodriguez resigned, I knew it’d be tough to find a comparable position, but I never dreamed it’d be next to impossible.  At this point, if the devil offered me a job, I’d take it.  I need the money.”  A faint tone of desperation colored her voice.

“Well, it won’t be that bad, but it won’t be what you expect either.  The Director of this agency needs you on multiple levels.”

“And you know about all this, why?”  Guiliana’s eyes narrowed with suspicion.

He hesitated. “I know because one of my assignments is to give guidance to people who need assistance, especially when it concerns their careers or major changes in their lives.  A lot happened in your life in a very short period, G, and you’ve reached a critical point.”

“Oh, yeah, right, I’m your assignment and I’m Queen of the May, too.” 

At Guiliana’s sarcastic retort, the man laughed outright and shook his head. “No, not with that red hair and those green eyes you aren’t,” he replied.  “I already know you’re nothing but trouble and I hope I’m up to the challenge.”  He finished the last of his wine, gave her a brief salute, and left the room. (To be continued...)

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Anonymous on Wednesday, January 02, 2019 12:35 AM
Reply to comment on Friday, January 04, 2019 8:46 AM
I thought that the passage is lovely. I really love reading stories, especially the stories about love because it depicts how love is so powerful and how it is ready to conquer anything just to be free of other judgmental people's viewpoint. Love really makes the world go round. Love is a wonderful thing so I do not understand why some people do their very best efforts just to hinder it. Especially the love which is legal and does not condemn other people.
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