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Tesori della Vita - Elegant Treasures, Timeless Memories

Altered books for weddings and other occasions: 

An altered book is a mixed media piece of art that transforms a book from its original form into a different one changing its meaning. This art form lends itself particularly well to the creation of keepsakes using the invitations, photographs, or other mementos of special occasions. Tesori’s altered books use a variety of book sizes, lace, flowers, and other materials combined with your invitation, announcement, or photograph to create a showcase of memories from the ceremonies of life.

Jeweled Lanyards: Wearing jewelry in addition to a lanyard that holds an identification badge presents challenges. Tesori’s jeweled lanyards solve those challenges. Each lanyard is unique based on the wearer’s preferences whether that preference is sedate or sparkly. 

Glass beads, semi-precious stones, and other jewelry-type materials combined with gold or silver findings create a unique yet practical solution to showcase the wearer’s identity. Dr. Perna draws upon her education and training in studio art and art history to fashion unique works of art to meet her customers’ requirements. No two books are exactly alike, nor are any two lanyards. Rather, each is an original work of art created for a specific individual.

To view additional samples of the Tesori creations, contact Robbi:

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