Robbi Perna - Author and Lecturer
The Roman Phalera
Book One - The Vines of
Winner of the 2015 Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Literary Award

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Twins Paolo and Carlo Cavaleri are inseparable and share everything as they’ve done for their entire lives. When tragedy strikes, the other must continue alone. Carlo buries himself in his work as a wine broker, his grief submerging the other facets of his life. Then the Fates intervene, setting the stage for the twins to share one last adventure. Carlo wakes up in the middle of a battlefield with Paolo as his comrade in arms. As a rational man, Carlo knows it’s only a dream, but it teaches him one As long he keeps Paolo alive in his memories, they will both fulfill their destinies. Not even the antagonism between Carlo and Allegretti, the daughter of the mysterious owner of an abandoned vineyard near his parent’s winery, can dim the experience. Will Carlo’s destiny include or must he find another path? A bronze and silver Roman phalera may hold the answer.

* * * *

Katelyn Hensel of Readers' Favorites has posted a wonderful review in which she states in part:

"Robbi Perna has a very solid writing style that helped to expose the characters in different ways. I felt as though I was allowed to get to know all of them on a more personal level, which let them endear themselves to me. The descriptions are great, and Perna has an eye for the details of sights, sounds, tastes, and smells that just let you sink into the story like a warm bath. There was here, but it was an undertone. The main focus really was sibling bonds and brotherly love and I think we can all get behind that."

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The Roman Phalera
Will wisps of a dream and a lovely woman help Carlo overcome his grief or is his destiny to live the rest of his life alone?

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