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Bright Angels Descending
The Domenico Family Case Files

Follow the fortunes of the Domenico Family as each of the siblings overcomes the obstacles Fate throws in the paths of life
The Domenico Family Case Files series

Book One of the Domenico Family Case Files is the story of Guiliana Domenico, a petite, red-headed, divorcee with a volatile temper, who is between jobs.  At a party Friday night, she meets a mysterious stranger who tells her to expect a call for an interview.  She receives the call and agrees to an interview at a new international agency in Washington D. C.  The director, Giacomo Leoni, offers her a position but only on a trial basis—which antagonizes her.  Dr. Leoni, a handsome bachelor, is the only son of a Venetian Duke and an American mother.  As the pass, Guiliana discovers her physical attraction to him growing, despite her distrust of men . . . especially, Italian men.  Although it’s difficult, she maintains her cool demeanor causing Jake to believe she has no interest in him—which pricks his male ego. The growing sexual tension between them carries over into their strains Guiliana’s self-control.   After two very stressful incidents, Guiliana again encounters the mysterious messenger and realizes the two of them share an intense mutual awareness.  As Christmas approaches, she admits she’s in love with two different men: one she doesn’t completely trust; and the other who isn’t as he appears.  Only on Christmas Eve does Guiliana accept her destiny.

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Book Two of the Domenico Family Case Files is the story of  LTC Marco Domenico, a Delta Force operative, who suffers severe injuries when the helicopter in which he is a passenger during a secret mission.  Marco’s injuries may prevent his ever walking again.  His sister, Guiliana Leoni, is unable to leave Italy in time for his arrival at Walter Reed.  She calls her former college roommate, Ay’ Levy.  Ay’ agrees to wait for Marco at the medical center despite her belief her presence won’t provide much support.  Marco and Ay’ have never gotten along.  As time progresses, Marco faces obstacles in his efforts to walk again--ones which also challenge his view of himself as a man.  He realizes no matter how mobile he becomes, his Army career has changed, and he must accept those changes and make plans for the future.  His progress to overcome his physical injuries and regain his confidence as is remarkable, but the situation with Ay’ Levy has now degenerated to the level of internecine warfare.  At the urging of his physical therapist, Marco makes an effort to meet Ay’ halfway.  Whether the future holds any potential for them to reconcile their differences and become friends remains an open question.
Book Three of the Domenico Family Case Files, set in Jacksonville, is Cecelia Domenico’s story.  She and Brian Tonelli have a storybook marriage, two precious daughters, and a rich full life.  However, fate weaves a new destiny for Celia when Brian, the offensive coordinator for Jacksonville’s NFL football team, suffers an aneurysm and dies.  He left his family financially secure, but Celia needs to get out of the house—both for her own sake and for her oldest daughter to become accustomed to a normal routine.  Her friend and former employer, Steven Brancusi, has always loved her.  He wants her back in the firm and the chance to win her love.  Celia agrees to return and perform a compliance audit at Sabrelight Industries, a fiber optic cable manufacturing company owned by Lucien Surette.  Luc takes one look at Celia and covets her for his own.  Both men are handsome, successful, sophisticated business executives, but diametric opposites in personality and physical appearance.  Steven is a warm caring man who shares her Italian Luc is a sophisticated French Canadian who cultivates a bad boy appearance and remote demeanor.  The children’s caregiver, Elle Laurenz, and Celia’s sister, Guiliana Leoni, both encourage Celia to explore the possibilities for a new life—a sentiment with which she agrees in theory, but is not ready to accept in practice.  Celia has never been interested in abstract causes or ideology.  Her husband and family have always been the focus of her life.  Now, the thought of dating other men makes her feel she is being unfaithful to Brian.  While Celia realizes this belief is illogical, it is only part of the problem.  She admits she doesn’t know how to date and be a mother at the same time. Steven agrees to give her the time she requests.  In the meantime, she engages Luc’s interest . . . and the animosity of his current lover, Aileen, who is also his executive assistant.  Aileen is a jealous, possessive, self-absorbed woman who misses no opportunity to warn Celia away from Luc.  When a suspicious fire traps Celia in her office, Luc races into the building to rescue her, and Celia, Steven, and Luc realize what all the days of forever hold for each of them.
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5 Stars - Readers' Favorite

Reviewed By Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite

Bright Angels Descending: The Domenico Family Case Files by Robbi Perna introduces readers to a fascinating cast of characters and mixes romance with suspense and the quest for redemption. The characters are compelling and each is imagined with flaws that make them genuinely human and convincing. I love it when I meet characters who are ordinary, but who are steeped in very challenging situations. Guiliana is unemployed and suffering in her marriage, and the reader is curious to discover what happens when she meets the good-natured Michael? Marco is a soldier who suffers an injury during a mission, a broken man in need of healing, both physically and emotionally. And then there is a widow forced by tragic circumstances to raise her two daughters alone. But can Gabriel be of any help to her?

Robbi Perna’s novel is fast-paced and brilliantly crafted to keep the reader utterly engaged. Apart from the cast of compelling characters, the writing is impeccable and the interesting, natural-sounding dialogues with vivid descriptions make it a great read. The story begins with revealing conversations and the reader is immediately introduced to some of the key characters. I enjoyed how the author weaves the themes of romance and family, self-search and personal growth, and redemption into the story. The chapters are well composed, with scenes that are emotionally rich and that allow readers to form strong images in their minds. Bright Angels Descending: The Domenico Family Case Files is the kind of book that reminds readers of what is essentially human in them, arousing strong emotions of empathy and admiration for the characters. It is a delightful read.
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Bright Angels Descending
The Domenico Siblings are in crises--can Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel accomplish their missions before one of them must confront the Prince of Darkness?

For The Fallen
Composed and Produced by Kevin MacLeod - CCL 3.0
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