Robbi Perna - Author and Lecturer

Robes of Destiny
A novel of Paranormal Romantic Suspense

     As the curator of a private collection of Renaissance art, Rina Antonelli lives a circumspect, structured existence complete with a spoiled dog. The quiet life she creates is her vision of normality. Secure in the belief her efforts are successful, she is unprepared for the events that shatter her careful existence and destroy this vision of normality. Her aunt, Cat Antonelli, eighties wild child and darling of the international paparazzi, disappears from her world cruise. The authorities believe it’s a publicity stunt. Rina disagrees and consults her aunt’s long time lover, Vince Fontana. The retired Police Commissioner introduces her to his godson, Dante Terrasini. A Delta Force operative, Danny has experience locating targets, but in this case, he agrees with the authorities.
     The handsome, operative is the illegitimate son of a single mother who grew up in the projects. He knows Rina is out of his league.
     Will they unravel the mystery and find Cat? And, can they overcome the obstacles and find their way to love?
Reviewed By Melinda Hills for Readers’ Favorite
Caterina Antonelli wants nothing more than to be left alone to do her job in peace and go home to her loving dog at the end of the day in Robes of Destiny by Robbi Perna. That could work, but with an upcoming exhibition of some of her boss’s Renaissance art collection, there is plenty of stress at work. Then, to add an additional strain, when Rina goes to the Port of Fort Lauderdale to pick up her Aunt Cat from a world cruise, the spontaneous free-spirited woman is not there. Convinced that there is a problem, Rina turns to the police and the FBI, but there are just no leads – only Rina’s psychic visions of her aunt interacting with people in far-away places. With only her aunt’s suitor to turn to for help, Rina becomes involved in an international event with Uncle Vince, his godson, Danny, and some operatives from Danny’s military past. Combining all their physical and mental resources, the group embarks on a hunt through the Mediterranean to rescue Cat and hopefully come home alive.
Action packed with a unique paranormal twist, Robes of Destiny by Robbi Perna is an exciting story that holds you spellbound from the first to last page. Although a strong female lead character, Rina has vulnerabilities due to her ‘gift’ and is not quick to trust others. Danny, also strong in so many ways, has his own demons and, together, he and Rina see sparks – and not romantic ones to start off with! International intrigue plays a large part in the story that winds up with Rina back home exactly where she wants to be, but not without some major changes in her life. I highly recommend Robes of Destiny and hope that this may be the beginning of a series because of the strength and depth of the characters.

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Robes of Destiny
Can Rina’s gifts rescue her aunt or will they drive away Dante, the man she has grown to love?