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Story Preview - All the Days of Forever

A bright, sunny happy Sunday to you all.  Last week, I gave you the story premise of "All the Days of Forever" and today I want to share the first preview, a selection from the Chapter One that I hope you'll enjoy.
* * * *
Cecelia Tonelli averted her eyes from the reflection in the window, shying away from deeper contemplation of the haggard image and the dark circles discoloring her light olive complexion.
            “What’s on your mind, Celia?  I can’t find a thing wrong with you.”  Doctor Giannelli peered over the tops of his half glasses at her.  “Something is bothering you; otherwise you wouldn’t be here asking me to give you something to help you sleep—something I’d rather not do.  There isn’t any bad news, although you could use an additional ten pounds.”
            Celia frowned at his last comment.  She knew the black suit she wore was now one size too small for her five foot four inch figure.  “My closet full of anxieties bothers me—two in particular.  I’m not sure what worries me more—making a decision about what to do in the near future or Marisa.”  Celia paced back to the chair in front of his desk and sat down.  “She’s always been such a self-possessed, independent child.  Now a year after Brian…she still clings whenever I try to leave the house.  She’s convinced I’m leaving and never coming back.  I’m at my wits end trying to reassure her.”
            “Such a reaction isn’t unusual in the circumstances, but since you’re around the girls all the time, her dependency sounds like it’s deepening.  Where are they today?”
            “My neighbor’s daughter, Judi, agreed to babysit.  I want to visit Brian when I leave here so she volunteered to spend the day with the girls.  Marisa was almost hysterical when I told her I’d be gone most of the morning.
            The doctor studied her with a question in his eyes.  “And the decision about what to do for the future?”
            “My former employer called me earlier this week about returning to the firm.  I’m of two minds about agreeing to it.  I know it would be the best thing for me to get out among adults again, but I’m worried.  Will my doing so create more of a problem for Marisa?”  Celia looked over at the doctor who had known her since birth.  (To be continued)

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