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Coming in 2019
Triumph Without Glory
Book Two - The Vines of Bordessi
Major John Christopher Cavaleri, wearied from multiple deployments to the Middle East as a member of the Army Reserve, is coming home to the family vineyard.  Retired now, he craves the peace that taking up his duties as the oldest son will generate.  His father needs his assistance growing the grapes that make the renowned Cavaleri vintages and John Christopher is desperate to attain a resurgence of his own self-worth.  Despite his hopes, contentment eludes John Christopher.  His war experiences have left scars exacerbated by his guilt over his perceived failure to save one of his young officers from serious harm in an improvised explosive attack.  Now despite the passage of time, nightmares of the attack still plague his sleep and depression settles over his days.  Gianna Allegretti asks him for his assistance with her new events center, and when the injured officer, the beautiful Persian-American woman for whom he has grown to love arrives for a visit, the dreams become more vivid, sweeping the pair into a maelstrom of emotion.  Will they survive the hallucinations that occur or will the experiences drive a wedge between them?

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Triumph Without Glory
Video Trailer for a novel coming in 2017 from the imagination of Robbi Perna

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