Robbi Perna - Author and Lecturer
Coming February 2018 in one volume
just in time to celebrate Carnivale and Mardi Gras

Explore the magic and mystery of Venice
and uncover the masquerades
The Venetian Masquerades
 The Venetian Masquerades

Venice, a city famous for love, intrigue, and masquerade. There is always a hint of mystery when one does not know what lies behind the mask another person wears.  Doctor Chiara Mackenzie Davis and her stepbrother Chas Weston find this out first hand when they must discover the reason why Francesca Severino, Chiara's eighty-four year-old grandmother, travels to Venice-a place she has no reason to visit-without telling anyone. Chiara and Chas find the answers they seek, but they must also discover answers to their own personal mysteries and the person who lives behind the mask each of them wears.

The Venetian Masquerades  

Diane Carrero, a cultural anthropologist, has served two years in the war zones of the Middle East as a member of the Army’s Human Terrain System. Images of death and destruction haunt her and she flees to Venice instead of returning to her teaching position at the University. She believes she needs a sign from God.  When she meets Luca Savarese strange things begin to happen.  Is one the sign for which is waiting?

The Venetian Masquerades

“Do you ever wonder where the nice women are?”  International playboy Alessandro Falconieri’s question to his good friend and colleague, Jason Peters, couldn’t be more prophetic.  He should be careful what he wishes.  Sandro gets his answer when he acquires the Venetian villa once owned by his mother's family from his cousin, Girardo Paladino. During the renovations, the contractor uncovers a sealed room—one that has kept its secrets for generations. Alessandro calls on his cousin now elevated to the rank of Monsignor and still on loan to the Vatican.  Girardo engages sociologist, Doctor Siena Jordan, to lend her expertise for a price.  Siena's crystal blue eyes hint at secrets, but her face is a mask of calm serenity—one that cloaks her pain.  Jason, a talented musician in his own right, knows Siena's history, but doesn't believe he should be the one to tell Alessandro.  Alessa, Alessandro's twin, arrives and taunts Siena with the information she wishes to keep hidden.  On a trip to Venice, Siena discovers the clue to unravel the puzzle, but will its solution provide a common meeting ground—or drive them further apart?
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